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Ted C. Lambert

1209 East 3545 South Ú Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 Ú Mobile: 385.227.5140

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VP of B2B Technology Sales/Support & Customer Service Operations


MBA, BS (Finance & Management), VP of B2B Technology Sales/Support & Customer Service Operations, with more than 20 years of operational management, turnaround, client relationship management and revenue generation experience that consistently builds unified performance-based cultures for organizations ranging from Internet marketing firms to a multi-billion-dollar corporation such as Sun Microsystems.

 Experience includes, serving as COO for United First Financial LLC, in Salt Lake City, Utah, specifically recruited to turnaround an under-performing organization consisting of 2 global call centers and 145 fulltime employees that generated $310 million in annual gross revenues.

Areas of Specialty Include


Ø Staff Development

Ø Reducing Employee Turnover

Ø Strategic Planning & Execution

Ø Startup/Turnaround Situations

Ø Strategic Account Development

Ø Customer Experience Enrichment

Ø Managing High Volume Call Centers

Ø Resource Allocation & Optimization

Ø Vendor & Partner Alliance Management

Ø Implementing Process Improvements


 Career Highlights

 Ø  Grew in 2 years, revenue at Sun Microsystems’ Installed Base Business Unit from $205 million to $520 million, via a comprehensive internal and external sales effort. Obtained executive approval to enrich product line from 150 upgrade paths to more than 400, while simultaneously developing new business, business philosophies and on-going training to 75 resellers.

 Ø  Led a 12-member acquisition team at Sun Microsystems through 2 major mergers; Integrated Micro Products from the UK, and Cray Supercomputers BSD Division. Recognized by executive management for excellence in mergers and acquisitions for identifying, negotiating, and closing both deals for $50 million under expected purchase price while achieving a seamless integration into Sun’s environment.

 Ø  Oversaw 86 statements of work at MarketStar during 2005-2007 including Cisco, HP, Whirlpool, RIM, and HTC, which accounted for $110 million in annual outsourcing solutions revenue. Created a new client launch program that achieved the following 4 items: 1) Replaced existing redundant process; 2) Eliminated $2 million in process duplications; 3) Trained 86 account management teams; and 4) Received plaudits from every client brought on board.

 Ø  Recruited to United First Financial in 2007 as COO to turnaround a failing call center. Slashed inbound time to answer by 80% from 2.5 minutes to 30 seconds. Reduced average call transfers from 4 to 1.5 while reducing after-call-work 66% from 9 minutes to 3 minutes. Instituted desk procedures, job descriptions, HR protocols, work agreements where none had previously existed, and reduced employee turnover from 50% per year to 9% between 2007 and 2009.

 Ø  Built out-of-state inbound/outbound call center for California-based Cloudwise, Inc. Negotiated a favorable lease, installed infrastructure, and hired staff of 40 that handled an average 2,000 inbound and 500 outbound calls per month. CEO recognized success early and entrusted with building/manufacturing customers’ websites, growing from 10/day to 100/day in 6 months.


 Benefit Statement

 Recognized by HP as ‘go to’ guy from 2003-2005 as Director of Operations for MarketStar, partner in HP’s outsourced channel sales motion, which proved instrumental in Increasing total HP sales from $900 million to $1.05 billion. Brought consistent inbound/outbound processes to 13 HP business units, restored trust, and won 2 RFPs for Marketstar in an intensely competitive market for HP’s business. As a result of success promoted to Senior Director B2B Operations.